The Project

With Ben care already having their brand book created by us, this project enabled us to work within these guidelines to create something different for the sector. Led by a pioneering head of HR, we worked with Ben Care to create a recruitment campaign to attract new team members to multiple sites.

ClientBen CareCareResidential, Dementia, Nursing, Respite, End-of-life

The Method

We identified what great carers within the group looked like, sounded like, did, where they hang out and that they didn’t necessarily work in care at the moment. We focused on looking for ‘caring individuals’ with the emphasis on individual. We noted that carers were of specific ages and we identified other sectors in which they may already be working. We then created a suite of vivid, simple, and impactful materials as the foundations of the campaign. They included shooting a new library of images which majored on showing authentic representations of team members, in their environments.

The campaign asked directly what people wanted from their work, homing in on the idea of gaining meaning from work. This was backed up by a revamped remuneration package and incentives from the client.

The Results

An individual, meaningful and impactful campaign which targeted people outside of the care sector, with a campaign that was tailored to suit the various age-groups that typically work in care.

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