If your website was built by us, then it will have been optimised for being found on search engines. This includes many things, but our testing procedure will highlight anything which is likely to either slow the website down or rank it lower in searches, like image files that are too large, for example. When somebody finds your site on a search engine without clicking on an advert, this is commonly referred to as “Organic Search”

There is plenty of talk about algorithms in the search industry. These are ever-evolving calculations which are used by search engines to rank the results they display. For example, in the ‘old days’ of the web, it was fine to have one website design which served everything. With the rise of the smart phone and the tablet the shape of the screen was changing. Google eventually decided to rank sites which didn’t adapt or change for mobile devices, lower than those that did. Proliferation of keywords in a non-sensical manner would have at one time fooled Google’s algorithm into thinking a web page was relevant when, really, it was just a trick to rank higher. Needless to say that all of these old ‘black-hat’ techniques to manipulate search results have now been left firmly in the past so that now, to return good search results and therefore enquiries, you need a strategy, a great user experience with plenty of calls to action. To get people here you need a well-researched, creative campaign which solves your clients’ problems, quickly and without fuss.

Monitoring and Reporting

This involves the creation and population of new accounts on various platforms and portals, many of which we will already have agency accounts with. However, it generally only needs doing once and is important to the future success of any campaigns, therefore it is only a one-off cost to you.

Set up Google Search Console (GSC): This is part of Google’s toolkit for monitoring your website and highlighting anything which it picks up which might affect your site’s performance. Through very useful tools, it is essentially a dashboard for us to monitor the performance of the website over time, providing data and tools to effectively manage the ongoing performance of a website.

Set up Google Analytics: This is Google’s tool for analysis of a website’s traffic and performance. It can tell us where people are coming from to the site, how they got there and in what part of the word they are viewing from. It is a powerful tool which enables you make informed marketing and business decisions.

Set up Google Business Page: This is another increasingly important tool from Google. Optimising this part of your company’s public profile enables Google to promote your website locally, using tags on a map, reviews and even its own section below the sponsored (PPC) adverts. Having this set up and optimised is an essential.

Setting up Pay per click (PPC) Google advert account: If we are managing your campaign, we will create your account underneath our agency account and manage it from there. Each month, the advertising spend with Google will be billed from Shuttlefish Creative along with any other items.

Facebook advert account: As with your Google Advert Account, the same is true of the Facebook account. If we are using this for recruitment purposes too, it is a good idea to have budgets for positions within your organisation pre-agreed as this smooths the process – often positions require filling quickly so being efficient is key.

Facebook: Create or rebrand profiles an check for optimization. While on the face of it social media platforms appear fairly straightforward, there is a large number of checks and optimization to perform as well as manage permissions, respond to incoming communications, moderate public engagement and keep the page regularly updated – All of this is manageable from a dashboard and people within the organisation can have different permissions based upon their role.

Facebook Training & Support: For staff who are new to using Facebook for business, we offer training and support. It is ideal to have staff who are familiar with a platform but not essential. More important is the ability to produce and disseminate content from within the home, to work in tandem with our team working on creative output and targeted adverts.

Recruitment on Facebook: In recent years the ability to reach large numbers of potential employees has increased, while the price has dropped dramatically. In combination with some of the more popular online job portals, Facebook is a brilliantly cost-effective way to reach large numbers of local people. We can manage this process for you.

Dynamic Content Management (Newsletter, blog, events, portals): For a new website, focus should be on generating a mailing list through email capture and FOH staff in the home asking for these details. In addition to this, a sign-up form on the website to a newsletter will automatically update your GDPR-compliant mailing list. This is one of the major factors in creating what most people call “word of mouth” exposure. Human interest stories and content which reinforces your core values and USPs should be the mainstay of these posts and articles, with direct marketing calls-to-action secondary.

Creation of template for digital newsletter:  By collecting stories from your business on an agreed basis, we can help create engaging mail for your potential customers. Associated tasks include but are not always limited to: – Gathering of news stories – News posting – Active management of new email sign-ups – Quarterly newsletter Campaign Creative.

Every campaign needs a focus and the input of quality design and well-written copy. Coordination across platforms is key. Based upon the data from our in-house heat-mapping software we can identify demographics in order to coordinate your digital marketing with your real world advertising.

A basic year’s plan may look like this:

– One overall campaign design for the year

– Quarterly message changes

– Monthly reporting

– Quarterly analysis

Depending on the other work that we are undertaking for you, we would look to tie in the messaging and design with offline materials such as flyers, leaflets, brochures etc.

Ongoing SEO

This is the continual monitoring of site performance reports and acting on results, these include:

Page audit: This is the weekly review of the page using some of the tools listed above and below to automate the process of checking for bugs or problems with a website which may cause it to drop positions in a search listing. By automating this process, problems or potential problems are always brought to our attention immediately.

Google keyword rankings: This provides information to us on any changes in keyword popularity and proliferation. It enables us to act on any required information or copy changes to the website which will help it perform better.

Backlinks: While we do not actively link-build as standard, we are able to monitor and look at those websites which link to yours. This just gives us an idea of who’s reaching out to our site or sharing content from our pages.

Reporting & Analysis:

We will provide you with a clear set of data at the end of each billing cycle (month-end) showing the make-up and origins of your website traffic. If we are looking after Facebook, we will report quarterly using Facebook’s Insights. If we are starting afresh, we need three months’ data before making any meaningful analysis.

This is a simple overview of what we can do to help your care home, digitally. No care companies are the same, though, and what works for one home or geographical area may not work in another. That’s why we offer all new clients a one hour fact-finding consultation to understand where they are currently. From there we can build a strategy and plan which will produce results. Contact us today to book your consultation.