Are you proud of your care home website? You should be.

Your care home website should provide the key information your customers are looking for, at the same time as building trust and nurturing an emotional connection. It’s a big ask, and one that is essential to maintaining the flow of enquiries you need to fill and staff your care business.

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We Design & Build Care Home Websites

  • Content: Words and pictures are the bedrock of any great care website
  • Content Management: Easily create and share the stories from within your home
  • CRM Integration: Make your website talk to your CRM so you never miss An enquiry
  • Landing Pages & PPC: Build a steady stream of enquiries with a website built for digital marketing.
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What Our Customers Say

A Super-quick guide to creating your care home website

A website for a care home should do a number of things really well in order for it to serve the home’s needs. It needs to:

  • Provide the information your customers want. This should lead with clear info on the needs your home can meet and instructions on financing.
  • Encourage the exchange of information. The sooner you can acquire the details of enquiries, the sooner you can have a face to face meeting, which greatly increases the chances of conversion.
  • Integrate with your existing systems: Funnelling enquiries to the right parts of your organisation promotes excellent customer service and fewer wasted enquiries.
  • Show the Great Work that you do: Authenticity in content is paramount in standing out in a crowded field of stock imagery and bland copy.
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