The Project

Ben Care is the social care arm of the motor industry benevolent organisation, BEN. The group desperately needed an identity which would project it into the communities it served, create a better understanding of what its mission was, but at the same time, be visually linked to the BEN group. A full brand book was required to ensure consistency across the group and all of its constituent deparments.

ClientBen CareCareResidential, Dementia, Nursing, Respite, End-of-life

The Method

The client had a clear vision of what they were trying to achieve, so we were able to quickly produce three concepts which all served their purposes. All of the concepts were simple, modern and referenced the parent brand’s colour palettes. One direction was chosen and then the bulk of the work could begin, on the Ben Care Brand Book.

The Results

Branding guidelines vary wildly in size, and this was a large organisation who wanted to leave nothing to chance when putting out their marketing materials into the world. The final document is around 60 pages long and contains guidance and rules on every aspect of the company’s visual identity. From how the logo should appear, colour references and typefaces, to images, flyer design and the dos and don’ts of photography. This book will ensure consistency across a large group, which has ultimately led to greater brand recognition and loyalty.

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